Best Way To Stay Calm Driving Test

Book your test at a time that works best for youif youre a morning person try to book your test earlier in the day. The more comfortable you are behind the wheel the calmer youll feel when youre driving during your test.

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Ready to pass your driving test.

Best way to stay calm driving test. Stay calm and reassure yourself. Your instructor will let you know when he or she feels you have reached the correct level of ability but ultimately it is up to you. Firstly you should only apply to take your driving test when you feel that you are totally confident with driving turning and all of the advanced manoeuvres such as parallel parking and reversing round a corner.

Switch your phone off or turn it to Airplane Mode an hour before the test to help clear your mind. Bananas are full of Vitamin B to help with calm your test nerves. Choose Practice Time Carefully When driving on the highway for the first time do so during the slowest times of the day.

On the day of the driving test Dont skip meals to help fuel your brain. Even if you cant eat close to the actual test time youll still have sufficient. So youll need to get regular lessons.

Instead have a breakfast rich in antioxidants which are said to be extremely helpful for relieving stress. Being well-rested will help you stay focused during your test. As you keep driving it should become monotonous decreasing your anxiety even further.

The expert thinks youre ready. Also drive while theres still light outside. It also gets the blood flowing and will help with breathing.

Pretend Its A Mock Test. When you wake up on the day of your test your nerves might make you feel like skipping breakfast try to overcome that urge. There are some ways you can prepare for your driving test to make sure youre in the best state possible to go for a drive.

Try using the deep breathing exercises mentioned above. This preparation include getting a good nights sleep the night before so you can be as alert as possible. Try to avoid caffeine as this tends to increase anxiety levels.

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That way you can focus better. Get a good nights sleep beforehand. The test doesnt last long it will soon pass.

On the day of the test Make a list of the things you need to take licence sunglasses etc. The longer you drive without any distractions of hazards present the more at ease youll become. The second point to remember is that you shouldnt be taking your practical driving test unless your Instructor thinks you are capable of passing.

Driving test nerves affect the majority of learner drivers the overwhelming majority of whom will eventually go on to pass their driving test. I got told to get a good nights sleep bring a bottle of water with me as youll get a dry mouth probably go to the loo in the test centre before your test and just relax Drive like you would on your lessons and youll do fine. They arent there to fail you they know it messes up your day if you fail so most of them are nice.

Enjoy a Banana Hear us out on this one. Usually its when people lose confidence that they have an accident. The best way to consistently learn to stay calm behind the wheel is to spend more time behind the wheel.

Some instructors and learners also recommend eating a banana as a snack before your test. Staying calm on the road isnt easy especially when youre a learner. Avoid eating or drinking non-alcoholic and especially alcoholic beverages having pets in the car and even listening to the radio.

Make a conscious effort to chill out before bed and head up earlier than normal. Positive thinking is a good way of dealing with any situation not just your driving test so use it in all aspects of your driving career. Its always best to have a snack before your driving test.

Experience and time are important for developing calmness while driving. Instead drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Cope If you feel a wave of anxiety coming on during your test such as when you approach an aspect of driving you find particularly difficult reassure yourself with thoughts such as concentrate on the task and not on how I feel or these feelings will pass and Ill be fine.

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You can wake up in the morning feeling nice and refreshed. Arrive Early about 15mins before is fine. Try and get a good night sleep before the test.

Get a lot of practice in before your test. Concentrate and be fully focused. Caffeine will help you keep alert and awake but it can also make you feel agitated and nervous and thats the last thing you need during your driving test.

Eat a decent breakfast and dress comfortably – you. Drink plenty of water but steer clear of too much caffeine – you want to feel alert not totally wired. This means youre going to want a good nights sleep before your driving test.

Another option is to drink calming drinks like chamomile tea. The more boring driving becomes the less your anxiety will get stimulated and the better youll feel and drive. Taking a short walk before your test can take your mind off it and keep you calm as opposed to sitting down and thinking it over and over.

Eat and stay hydrated leading up to your test.

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