Blue Smoke From Car

Its either a problem to do with the oil or internal engine components. The smoke stops within a few seconds.

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Black smoke or very dark smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.

Blue smoke from car. It means your car is being inefficient in its operation and the causes should be explored as soon as possible. TOP 3 REASONS WHY CAR SMOKING BLUE BLUE SMOKE FROM EXHAUSTIf you have a car that smokes from the exhaust blue smoke white smoke or black smoke in this vid. Blue smoke from the exhaust usually results in higher engine.

The oil will flow into the combustion chamber and then it is being burnt together with the fuel creating blue smoke. Such smoke is toxic for the environment and may prevent you from passing emission test. If you let this problem go for too long you could seriously damage the engine past repair.

It results in the blue smoke by oil is getting burnt in a combustion chamber. Piston rings valve seals and PCV valves have a certain life span. This smoke should not be confused with White Smoke you will see when a car first starts up.

Dry and cracked valve seals are failed to keep oil separate. However the symptom is noticeable when an odour of burnt oil wafts through the vehicle especially if the windows are open. Once you notice blue or black smoke its time to act.

Each vehicle has valves that open and close. If you are seeing Blue Smoke From Your Exhaust this means that your car engine is burning oil. Blue smoke means oil has mixed with your gas in the combustion cycle and that oil is being burned up and sent out your exhaust pipe with the rest of the partially burned fuel.

Contamination can occur in mufflers converter or exhaust pipes. But the car isnt using an unreasonable amount of oil between changes. The emission of blue smoke from the exhaust of your car is one of the major concerns related to the ill health of your car s engine.

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It can happen when the piston rings the valve guide seals or other components of the engine get worn out or damaged causing oil to leak. An external engine oil drips onto the exhaust parts and hot engine causing the smoke. It really does not smell very good and is not good for your health to breath in.

What Does Blue Smoke Mean. There are not many reasons behind the emission of blue smoke but the ones which are there are some serious ones the rectification of which can be an expensive process. To be very straight forward and simple Blue smoke coming from the exhaust is a crystal clear sign that something is not right under the hood of your car.

Blue smoke indicates your car engine is burning oil. In petrol cars it might suggest that oil is leaking into the engine block where the fuel is mixed with air while in diesel cars it may simply suggest that there is too much oil in the engine. I assume this means that oil is dripping into a combustion chamber and burning off and that the rings are sealing better when the engine gets warm.

Pay attention to how your car acts when you first start it for the day. This smoke can be visually detected when accelerating. Often blue smoke will be seen when you first start your engine in the morning.

For a non diesel car the blue smoke coming out of the exhaust could be caused by bad valve seals. They open mechanically by pressure coming from a Rocker Arm and let air and gasoline come into the engine. White smoke or water vapor coming from the tailpipe especially in the morning when the engine is cold.

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Blue smoke from a car exhaust is generally a bad sign and the cause of it will need to be repaired as soon as possible. My 12-year-old car has started to blow blue smoke from the exhaust when starting after sitting overnight or longer on cold days. If blue smoke lasts longer while driving then worn piston rings would be the reason.

Blue or gray smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. A new fuel odor or drop in MPG that seems to be coming from the exhaust pipe. A lot of factors can cause it but mainly it is a clear sign that your car engine is burning oil.

If you dont properly maintain your car you will likely see blue smoke come from the exhaust. Blue exhaust smoke is not always visible from inside the car. Blue Exhaust Smoke.

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