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Download Driving Licence Counterpart PNG. © provided by auto express. In the united kingdom, a driving licence is the official document which authorises its holder to operate motor vehicles on highways and other public roads.

The UK driving licence paper counterpart will be abolished ...
The UK driving licence paper counterpart will be abolished … from

Instead motoring offences are now recorded in electronic format, in a new. The licence paper counterpart no longer has any legal status. The counterpart is the paper file while you applied for the card licence if you know what i mean.

Although the images below represent a genuine uk driving licence, the information contained on the licence is purely fictional and will not.

The counterpart is to exhibit you probably have any convictions of driving and what movements are. Drivers and employers in the uk will be increasingly familiar with the fact the driving licence an employer and employee's guide to the uk driving licence counterpart replacements. The replacement driving licence shall have the same effect, including the expiry date a replacement of the licence counterpart may also be made, if a valid licence counterpart has been lost, stolen or. The paper part of your driving licence (the 'counterpart') is no longer valid, and the dvla will no longer issue any paper licences.

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